I’m bacccck!

After a 3 year absence, I am back. I am going to continue with the basic format I began on A Tzimmes, posting recipes that I have tried and recipes that I have found to be interesting on line, poems I like and poems I have written, a little bit about me, art that I have found on line that I like, websites that I find fascinating and once in a while one of my own photos. If you are looking for a professional, polished blog, this isn’t it. And don’t look for step-by-step photo recipes, you won’t get it. If you are looking for photos that accompany every recipe, forget it. Truth be told, when I was cooking I wouldn’t have dreamed of taking pictures, not because my dishes weren’t wonderful to look at, but because during the days I really cooked, we didn’t think of taking pictures. And now, I really can’t cook anymore as I’ve been ill and don’t have the stamina to cook. But I like to share and I do have some great recipes.

Something is new though, and I will share it with those of you who are interested. I am in the process of writing two books. Now, don’t hold your breath for these to be published, I’m not. I’m a novice and am just beginning, but I had these two ideas and just have to do something with them, so I invite you along on my journey.

When something personal happens, I’ll share, good or bad. Why? Just so you learn who I am as you peruse what you wish of A Tzimmes Revived. Please let me know what you think as I really look forward to comments. It is important to bloggers to have some interaction, at least to me, that is the reason for blogging. If you wish to share a recipe or a post, please email me and let me know.

Something else you need to know. I want to make this a Jewish blog in flavor and content, HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean you have to be Jewish to enjoy it or interact here. I welcome everyone with open arms and an open heart, as I hope you will welcome me.

Marilyn formerly known as Softa

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